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Protect Your Assets With a Legal Ethics Lawyer

Whether you’re starting a business or defending against a lawsuit, it’s important to hire a lawyer in Orlando who can protect your business. That includes your physical property as well as your intellectual and financial assets.

Our legal ethics lawyers in Orlando have helped hundreds of clients navigate the ethical minefields that often exist. They can help you understand your obligations and avoid ethical violations before they occur.

Conflict of Interest

In legal ethics, a conflict of interest is an ethical issue that affects how a lawyer serves clients. A lawyer must disclose any conflicts of interest as soon as possible to avoid compromising their ability to act in their clients’ best interests.

For example, if a lawyer represents a client in a divorce case, and that same attorney also represents another client who wants to sue the first client, there is a conflict of interest.

Moreover, a lawyer can have a conflict of interest if she enters into business transactions with clients or clients’ relatives. In these situations, the lawyer must secure written consent from clients, the transaction must be fair and independent counsel must be advised.


Confidentiality is the principle that information cannot be revealed to anyone without permission, and this is a key ethical and legal duty. Lawyers owe this duty to their clients, and it is one of the most important ethical concerns they face as legal professionals.

A legal unit should have policies in place that outline how confidential information is handled and what consequences to employees or clients who breach confidentiality. In particular, this policy should cover what confidential information can be disclosed, how it can be used and when it can be disclosed.


Advertising is a great way to attract clients and grow a law firm. But it also has its own ethical pitfalls. Keeping your marketing clear of ethics boundaries can help you avoid problems later, retain clients’ trust and keep your law firm aimed at future success.

Whether you are using social media, TV ads or online forums to promote your legal services, there are regulations to follow. Find out more about them in this Florida Bar Podcast hosted by Elizabeth Tarbert of the Bar’s ethics department.

The American Bar Association (ABA) provides guidance for states and legal professionals with the publication of its Model Rules of Professional Conduct (MRPC). Most states pattern their own unique guidelines after the MRPC.


Publicity is the process of generating attention for your business, product or service. It can include anything from traditional media sources like news outlets to newer forms of communication such as social media and podcasts.

A good publicity strategy can help your law firm achieve its goals and build its brand. For example, a company could use an award-winning advertising campaign to highlight the benefits of their products or services to potential clients.

However, a successful publicity strategy may require a lot of time and money. It also might involve the use of a professional to help plan out the best tactics. For example, you might want to hire a reputable marketing agency or consult a lawyer who has experience with the ethics rules of Florida.


Whether your business is a small start-up or an established operation, having legal help on retainer can keep you in compliance with the law. A Orlando business lawyer may also help you prepare contracts, including compensation plans and service agreements.

A specialized attorney can also help you protect intellectual property rights, like trademarking and copyright. If your business in Orlando, Florida, has suffered a loss due to the theft or infringement of these rights, you could have grounds for a lawsuit against the perpetrators.

Civil litigation is often the last resort for resolving legal disputes, but it can be a costly process. The right Orlando litigation lawyer can assist you through a civil dispute and work to achieve your desired result as quickly as possible.

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